Regimental Sergeant Major, Welsh Guards (1920)

The Welsh Guards are part of the Guards Division

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Founded in 1915 as a single-battalion regiment the Welsh Guards were deployed to France where it took part in the fighting on the Western Front until the end of the war in November 1918. During the inter-war years, the regiment undertook garrison duties in the United Kingdom, except 1929–1930 when it deployed to Egypt, and late 1939 when it deployed to Gibraltar. Expanded to three battalions in the Second World War, it served in France, North Africa, Tunisia, Italy and Western Europe. In the post war period, the regiment was reduced to a single battalion and saw service in Palestine, Egypt, West Germany, Aden, Northern Ireland, and Cyprus. In 1982, the regiment took part in the Falklands War. In the 21st century, the regiment has deployed as peacekeepers to Bosnia, and on operations to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After the First World War, the Household Brigade and a battery of the Royal Horse Artillery were the only parts of the army to resume full dress on duty. This plate shows a regimental sergeant-major of the Welsh Guards in the dress as revived in 1920. The full-dress tunic of a warrant officer of the guards closely resembles that of an officer, except the bands of gold lace on the cuff and the gold loops on the slashes are less ornate. The Royal Arms badge worn by warrant officers in the guards is much larger than that worn in line regiments and is worn above instead of below the elbow. The Welsh Guards are the junior regiment of the brigade, and wear their buttons grouped in fives.

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