No. 44 St. Olave, Southwark Volunteer


© Trustees of the British Museum. A Map of the Parishes of St Olave and St Thomas Southwark. illustration to vol II of the sixth edition of Stow’s ‘Survey of London’. 1720, this state 1755 Etching and engraving (annotated by Iain Laird 10 October 2022).

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Southwark St Olave (see map) was an ancient civil and ecclesiastical parish on the south bank of the River Thames, covering the area around where Shard London Bridge now stands in the modern London Borough of Southwark. The boundaries varied over time but in general the parish stretched east from London Bridge past Tower Bridge to St Saviour’s Dock.  Southwark St Olave and St Thomas replaced the civil parish in 1896. It was abolished in 1904 and absorbed by Bermondsey parish. Southwark St Olave formed part of the ancient Borough of Southwark. Part of its area was split off around 1550 to create Southwark St Thomas, corresponding to the hospital of the Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1733, part of area was used to create Southwark St John Horsleydown.  The parish became, with St John Horsleydown and St Thomas, part of the St Olave Poor Law Union and in 1855 it became part of the St Olave District of the Metropolis. It was absorbed by the County of London in 1889.
In 1896 St Olave was abolished as a civil parish and was combined again with Southwark St Thomas to form Southwark St Olave and St Thomas. In 1900 the combined parish became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey and was abolished in 1904, with its former area absorbed into the Bermondsey civil parish, as was that of St John Horsleydown.
The ecclesiastical parish of St Olave was abolished in 1947, and then formed part of Southwark St Olave and St John.


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Original Description of the unit from 1798:
This Volunteer Corps was formed in May 1798, under Captain Green, to  protect their own Property, but, in case of actual Invasion, to march where-  ever their Services may be required. They consist of one Company,  Light Infantry. , No Colours have yet been presented: a Subscription is on  foot by the Ladies of the Parish for the above purpose. The St. Olave’s are  not yet joined to any other Corps, but shortly expect to be united with the  Southwark Division. They have a Committee chosen by the Corps at  large; Officers always of that Committee; Place of Arms within their own  Parish, and
Captain, — Green.  First Lieutenant, — Shaw; Second Lieutenant, -— Thackery.
Helmets; brass mounted, Bear-skin, and red Feather tipped white; on  the Label, ST. OLAVE’s VOLUNTEERSBreastplate, oval; Crown over G. R.; Motto above all, PRO REGE ET  PATRIA; on a Label below, ST. OLAVE’S VOLUNTEERS.  Cartouch, quite plain.  Buttons, plain yellow.  Half Gaiters, plain white Stockings.


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