1905 White 15 Steam Car


Early Motor Cars Edwardian 1904-1915

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The image you see is a scan which may show some slight distortion of line, fill, colour or text when you expand it. The prints themselves have no distortions.

White steam cars were products of the White Sewing Machine Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Produced from 1900 as the brain child of Rollin H. White, they had full-elliptic suspension. and wooden reach-bars linking front and rear axles. A semi-flash boiler consisted of a series of horizontal coils connected so that the water flowed down through them towards the burner, becoming progressively hotter until, by the time it reached the bottom tubes, directly over the heat, it had been flashed into superheated steam. President Theodore Roosevelt was among their customers. White said ‘˜working parts being entirely encased, the White is impervious to mud and dust, while its operating parts are so arranged that a lady need have no fear of soiling even a glove in running the car’. White entered products in competition: in 1901 four Whites ran in the Automobile Club of America’s New-York-Buffalo Endurance Run and all secured class awards. White cars were imported to England by the enterprising Frederic Coleman who, when the cars were banned from speed events because of their ability (which was thought unfair) to generate maximum torque from a standstill he made sure they retained public visibility by providing Whites as official transport. The model shown here is the rear entrance tonneau body built by Cann Limited in London.

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