No. 7 Clerkenwell Cavalry


(see original 1798 description below)

Clerkenwell is the oldest residential and business district in Islington. The area is named after the Clerks’ Well, a 12th-century water source that adjoined St Mary’s Nunnery (c 1140). Due to fa plentiful supply of fresh water, open fields and its proximity to the City, Clerkenwell was a favoured place for the building of monasteries and other institutions. These inclu

The Parish of St James Clerkenwell Taken from ye last Survey With Corrections © The Trustees of the British Museum, released as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

ded the Priory of the Order of St John (1143), and Charterhouse Monastery (1370) and (later) School.

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Original Description of the unit from 1799:
THIS Troop was formed shortly after the Infantry, under the direction of Marmaduke Sellon, Esq. Its number at present is but small and act independent of the other Corps; they are for the protection of the Parish of Clerkenwell only, and have a Committee chosen out of the Troop, consisting of nine Members. They mount no Standard, nor intend one till their numbers increase to greater respectability.
Commander, Captain Marmaduke Sellon. Lieutenant, – Sturges; Cornet, – Seward.
Helmets; in front, CLERKENWELL CAVALRY; on right side, Garter and Crown.
Breastplate, plain.
Button;  C. W. L. C. in cypher.

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