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Feltons Carriages 1794

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The Carriage is a large Crane neck phaeton with a raised hind end on short plain Blocks, Large Fore Spring Blocks, Straked Wheels 10 and 12 spokes, common Axletrees and Boxes. The Bodies are three in number, with Drop Seat Boxes to each, a Sword Case to one, they are all built on one large bottom formed to the shape of the Crane and are in value the same as three single Tubb Bottom Chaise Bodies. The sides are Cane instead of Pannel, they are lined on the rails, with cushions on the seats, and seat falls, trimmings plain, two Oil Cloths for the bottom, a Draw Folding Step on each Side, a Square Fixed Head to the Hind End, a large Jointed Umbrella for the centre of the two Fore ones, a common Knee Flap for the Front Body, a large Knee Flap which buttons across the Four Elbows and covers the vacant space between the two bodies, the Painting picked out one colour to body and Carriage. Price £101 10s 0d. [William Felton, 1794]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm