A Travelling Coach


Feltons Carriages 1794

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STRENGTH and convenience are the most essential properties of this carriage, it being principally intended for continental journeys, nothing should be omitted that can contribute to either; plain, strong built crane-neck carriages are to be preferred on this occasion, as the roads on the continent are very rough, and in the towns very narrow; and as there is not much opportunity for cleaning or mending on the way, the plainer and the stronger they are built, the better for the purpose. The great expense of these carriages is principally because of the many conveniences for luggage necessary for the passengers’ accommodation, it depends on the knowledge of the intended route to proportion the carriage and conveniences thereto, so that all unnecessary encumbrance may be avoided to save both toil and expense. First charge for crane neck coach £121 4s 0d. Patent anti-Attrition Axeltrees and Boxes £15 14s 0d. [William Fenton, 1789]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm