Gordon Setter 1872


Victorian Dogs

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All setters derive from the Spaniel. The Gordon Setter has long been associated with Gordon Castle in Scotland in 1820 and is still sometimes referred to as the Scottish Setter. But there is evidence that the Black & Tan Setter was in existence in the UK long before the Duke of Gordon strengthened and perfected the breed early in the 18th century. The Black & Tan Setter is depicted in art as early as 1805. At the first dog show in Newcastle in 1859, for Setters and Pointers, a Black and Tan Setter took the First Prize for Setters. The original purpose of the breed was to find game birds, especially grouse, by quartering on moorland, and then to freeze on point to indicate to the guns where the game was. The Gordon Setter is a medium sized dog with striking black and tan markings, and a flat shiny coat of moderate length. They are a slightly heavier build than the other setters.

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