London & North Western Railway 2-4-0, No. 3105 ‘Jeanie Deans’

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Locomotive engravings

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Jeanie Deans ran the 2.00 pm ‘Corridor’ from Euston to Crewe from 1891 to 1899. The LNWR Teutonic class was a class of 10 three-cylinder compound 2-2-2-0 engines with two pairs of independent driving wheels designed for the LNWR and manufactured in their Crewe Works between 1889 and 1890. The design featured a boiler pressed to 175 lbf/in2 (1.21 MPa) delivering saturated steam to two outside 14-inch (356 mm) high-pressure cylinders, which exhausted to one 30-inch (762 mm) low-pressure cylinder inside the frames. The high-pressure cylinders drove the rear wheels, while the low-pressure drove the leading driving wheels. As the two pairs of driving wheels were not connected, the locomotives were “duplex drive” or “double-singles”. They were a development of Webb’s Dreadnought class. Of the ten locomotives, nine were named after ships of the White Star Line, the exception was named after a character in a Walter Scott novel, as it was exhibited at the Edinburgh International Exhibition of 1890. When George Whale become chief mechanical engineer of the LNWR in 1903, he started eliminating Webb’s over-complicated duplex compound locomotives. The class was scrapped between 1905 and 1907, replaced by Whale’s Experiment class.

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