No. 30 Finsbury Volunteer


SECURE ARMS [2nd motion] (see original 1798 description below)

Finsbury is a district of Central London, forming the south-eastern part of the London Borough of Islington. It borders the City of London. The Manor of Finsbury is first recorded as Vinisbir (1231) and means “manor of a man called Finn”.[1] Finsbury lay just outside Cripplegate (and on its later construction, Moorgate) in London Wall. At that time, much of the manor was part of the “great fen which washed against the northern wall of the City. Finsbury gave its name to two larger administrative areas: the Finsbury Division of the Ossulstone Hundred of Middlesex, from the 17th century until 1900, and from 1900 to 1965 the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury. The Metropolitan Borough included Finsbury (also known as St Luke’s) and Clerkenwell. The area should not be confused with Finsbury Park, a public space roughly 3 miles (5 km) to the north, which gives its name to its surrounding mainly residential area. The area lies immediately north of the City of London, and approximates to the part of the London Borough of Islington east of Goswell Road and south of City Road. It also includes a small area north of City Road, focused on the City Road Basin. The parts of the City of London’s Coleman Street Ward that lie outside the line of the former City walls (now mostly covered by Finsbury Circus) were historically part of the Manor of Finsbury and still sometimes described as part of the area. Finsbury Town Hall and the Finsbury Estate lie further west, in Clerkenwell and are named after the former borough of Finsbury which included both Finsbury and Clerkenwell.

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Original Description of the unit from 1798:
No.  XXX.
This Association was formed the 12th of April, 1798, under William Henry Crowder, Esq. to protect the Civil Magistrates, and preserve the tranquility of their District. They at present consist of one Company, and a second is forming; have also a Committee, composed of all the Officers, and several other Members chosen by the Corps.
Captain, William Henry. Crowder.  First Lieutenant, Robert Hamilton; Second Lieutenant, John Bannantyne; Adjutant, Matthew Miller.
Helmet; Label, FINSBURY VOLUNTEERS; ornament on right side, Crown and Garter, with F. V. in cypher in centre.
Breastplate, oval, with F. V. in cypher.
Buttons, round, F. V. in cypher.
Short Gaiters.

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