Finnish Four-Masted Barquentine Built in Greenock, Mozart, 1904


Sail Through the Centuries

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Built by the Greenock and Grangemouth Dockyard Company, Port Glasgow, the ‘Mozart’ measured 271 feet in length by 40 feet in the beam and a tonnage of 2005 net. As one of the most successful barquentine ever, it served its German and Åland Island owners profitably for 31 years in the general ocean trade. It was handled by a crew of 18–19 as opposed to a barque of the same size needing 23–24. However, its huge gaff sails, perhaps the largest ever made, proved subject to excessive wear and tear through the working of the gaffs and booms in rough weather. This difficulty was later overcome by the bigger American barquentines by spreading the sail area over five masts. In 1930, the ‘Mozart’ brought to London from Sweden the second largest cargo of timber ever discharged by a sailing vessel in this port. The ‘Mozart’ experienced heavy weather damage off the Falkland Islands when on passage from England to Australia with grain in 1935. It was broken up after discharging her cargo.

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