No. 20 The Honourable Artillery Company of London


ORDER ARMS [2nd Motion] (see original 1799 description below)
The Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is a reserve regiment in the British Army. Incorporated by royal charter in 1537 by King Henry VIII, it is the oldest regiment in the British Army and is considered the second-oldest military unit in the world. Today, it is also a charity whose purpose is to attend to the “better defence of the realm”, primarily through supporting the HAC regiment and a detachment of City of London Special Constabulary. The word artillery in this context dates from a time when it meant small projectiles, such as arrows.  In the 17th century, its members played a significant part in the formation of both the Royal Marines and the Grenadier Guards. More recently, regiments, battalions and batteries of the Company fought with distinction in both World Wars and its current Regiment, which forms part of the Army Reserve, is the oldest surviving regiment in the British Army, and the second most senior in the Army Reserve after the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia).  Members of the Regiment and Specials are drawn, for the most part, from young men and women working in and around the City and Greater London. Those leaving the active units may become Veteran Members and remain within the fraternity of the Company.

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Original Description of the unit from 1799:
No. XX. 
This Corps is of great antiquity, and in the reign of Queen Elizabeth did duty in the great Camp formed at Tilbury, in Essex, on the threatened Invasion by the Spanish Armada. It has been honoured by several Royal Chiefs; and its present Warrant, or Letter of Service, granted under the Sign Manual of His Majesty, is dated the 4th of March 1766, by which His ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES is appointed Captain General of the Company.
The affairs of this Company are regulated by a Court of Assistants, consisting of the President, Wm. Curtis, Esq. Alderman, and M. P.; Vice President, Wm. Lushington, Esq. Alderman, and M.P.; Treasurer, Sir John W. Anderson, Bart. Alderman, and M.P. The Field Officers, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Sheriffs of the City of London for the time being, and twenty-four Members annually elected, who are at present,
Messrs. G. Wood, W. C. Clarkson, C. E. Cox, W. Moore, Rd. Hooper, Jn. Bacon, B. W.  Hetnans, Thos. Mawdsley, Jas. Kidston, Wm. Row, Jun.  P. Welsford, Steph. Clark, Thos. Preston, Jun. Jn. Taylor, ]n. Furber, W. H. Gibson, Josiah Cooke, Rob. Hulme, Thos.  Wigzell, Rob. Lynn, Jos. Reid, Jas. Ansted, T.  Allen, Benj. Cooper. —Mr. Wm. White, Secretary.
The Members form a Battalion of about 500 and are divided into seven divisions; viz. the Matross (who are attached to the two Field Pieces) Grenadiers, and four Battalion Divisions, forming a Light Infantry.
Captain General, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Matross — Captain, Wm. C. Clarkson; Lieutenant, Thos. Lane; Ensign, –.  GrenadiersCaptain, Rd. Hooper; Lieutenants, James Kidson, Geo. Wood; Ensign, ——.  North-East Division—-Captain, F. W. Bossey; Lieutenant, Thos. Patience; Ensign, B. Bourdillon.  SouthWest DivisionCaptain, Wm. Row, Jun.; Lieutenant, Oliver Hatch; Ensign, Wm, Cozens.  SouthEast DivisionCaptain, Jn. Bacon; Lieutenant, Jas. Lyon; Ensign, Thos. Preston, Jun.  NorthWest DivisionCaptain, C. E. Cox; Lieutenant, Jos. Lloyd; Ensign, Wm. Treppass.  Light InfantryCaptain, W. H. Gibson; Lieutenant, Charles Bassell, Josiah Cocke; Ensign –, Adjutant, John Furber; Quartermaster, Wm. Moore; Sergeant Major, B. W. Hemans; Surgeon, Thos. Luxmoore; Chaplain, the Rev. Andrew Hatt. 
The Officers and Court of Assistants are elected by the Members at a General Court, annually held the first Wednesday in December, at their Armory-house in the Artillery Ground, near Finsbury-Square, which is the usual place of assembling and exercise.
Helmet Caps, turned up with Leopard-skin Band; ARMA PACIS FULCRA; on Label in front, on the right side, the Prince’s Feathers. 
Breastplate, oval, with the Prince’s Feathers, and the name and Motto of the Company.  Buttons, similar; Pouch, plain.  Gaiters, black; are worn in undress. The Matross Division, as Artillery, wear a blue jacket faced with scarlet, and Gold Vellum Lace, &c. 
The Company was reviewed in Hyde Park the 6th of July, 1798, by their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York and Gloucester; were on the Right of the Line at the General Review of the Volunteer Corps of the London District by His Majesty, on the 4th of June, 1799, in Hyde Park; and were inspected by His Majesty in the Artillery Ground, June the 21st, the same year.

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