Hans Town Association


Loyal Volunteers of London
Hans Town is an area of West London in Chelsea and Kensington approximately surrounding Sloane Square that was owned by Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753).  Sloane was an Anglo-Irish physician, naturalist, and collector who provided the foundation of the British Museum, the British Library, and the Natural History Museum, London. He was elected to the Royal Society at the age of 24 and later succeeded Sir Isaac Newton as its President.  Sloane travelled to the Caribbean in 1687 and documented his travels and findings with extensive publications years later. He was a renowned medical doctor among the aristocracy, and was elected to the Royal College of Physicians at age 27. 

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This Corps was first formed on the 28th of May 1798, under the Command of Nicholas Bond, Esq. for the protection of the District of Hans Town; and consists of two Companies of Infantry, which they mean to extend to 120 Privates. They received their Colours the 10th of October 1798, on the Exercise Ground in Hans Town, from the hand of Miss Gainsborough of Sloane-street.  Their Committee is chosen by ballot of the Corps at large.

NAMES AND RANK OF THEIR PRESENT OFFICERS: Captain Commandant of Hans Town, Nicholas Penny. Captains, Thomas Vaughan, Thomas Adkin. First Lieutenants, Francis Barker, John Garraway. Second Lieutenants, James Fraser, Henry Hemsley.

COMMITTEE: Nicholas Bond, Esq. Chairman; John Turing, Esq. Col. Geo. Smith, James Plumridge, Esq. Hen. Grueber, Esq. John Calland, Esq. James Woodbridge, Esq. Nicholas Penny, Esq. Richard Ford, Esq. Richard Twiss, Esq. George Orme, Esq. Henry Holland, Esq. John Moheux, Esq. Mr. Sam. Symons, Mr. Wm. Whitehead.

DRESS: Round Hats; Black bear skin, Red Feather tipped white, and small hair Cockade; Breast-plate, oval; a Crown, and G. R. in centre; HANS TOWN, at top; ASSOCIATION, at bottom; Cartouch, a Star, with H. T. A. in cypher. Button, metal, round, yellow, with HANS TOWN ASSOCIATION round the rim, and the Crown in centre. Half Boots.

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