No. 51 St. John, Southwark, Volunteer


This map appeared in “A New General Atlas Containing a Geographical and Historical Account of the World”, published by Daniel Browne et al. in 1721. Its title runs along the top, with a dedication to Sir Peter Delme, Knight and Alderman, in cartouche at top left. The city arms and insignia, compass rose and scale bar feature at the foot of the plate. Reference tables to places in Westminster, London and Southwark appear in panels below the plan.

PRESENT [as front Rank Kneeling]  (see original 1799 description below)
Southwark St John Horsleydown was a small parish on the south bank of the River Thames in London, opposite the Tower of London. (See map). The name Horsleydown, apparently derived from the “horse lie-down” next to the river, is no longer used. The parish was created by splitting St Olave’s parish in 1733. In the metropolitan re-organisation of 1855 it was grouped into the St Olave District with St Olave’s and St Thomas’s sending a joint representative to the Metropolitan Board of Works and remained as such after the 1889 creation of the County of London. The civil parish became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey in 1900 when the St Olave District was abolished, and in 1904 Southwark St John Horsleydown was absorbed into the Bermondsey parish. Since 1965 it has formed part of the London Borough of Southwark.

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Original Description of the unit from 1798:
This Volunteer Association was first formed in June, 1797, under an Act of the 34th George III. raised, clothed, and upheld entirely at the expence of its own Members. It consists of one Light Company, under the Command of David King, Esq.: they are not joined to any other Corps; and their Colours were presented to them by the hand of Mrs. Thornton, Lady of Henry Thornton, Esq. Member of Parliament for the Borough of Southwark, on their own Parade, the 17th of July, 1798, and their number is unlimited: they have a Committee, chosen out of their own body every six months, always to consist of three Commissioned Officers, &c. Place of Arms in Russell-street. This Corps was inspected and approved by Colonel Fisher, and the Right Hon. Lord Onslow, in the spring of 1798.
Captain, David King. First Lieutenant, Thomas Starling Benson; Second Lieutenant, Peter Barnes.
Helmets; turned up red and blue, mounted with Bearskin, and all red Feathers in front; on a Label, ST. JOHN’S SOUTHWARK; on right side the Southwark Arms.
Breastplate, oval; (PRO REGE ET PATRIA).
Buttons; S. J. S. Crown above.
Half Gaiters.

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