Reliance, 1903


America’s Cup Yachts 1851-1970

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Reliance was the 1903 America’s Cup defender, the fourth defender from the famous designer Nat Herreshoff, and reportedly the largest gaff-rigged cutter ever built. Reliance was designed to take full advantage of the Seawanhaka ’90-foot’ rating rule and was regarded as a “racing freak”, suitable only for use in certain conditions. The 1903 America’s Cup was the last to be raced according to the Seawanhaka rule – essentially a very expensive design comprising extreme scow-type and maximising canvas area with enormous overhangs. Shamrock III was a yacht that was the Royal Ulster Yacht Club’s entry for the 1903 America’s Cup. The yacht was designed by William Fife, and was built by William Denny and Brothers of Dumbarton, Scotland. The yacht was launched on 17 March 1903. It participated in the 1903 America’s Cup and was defeated by the New York Yacht Club’s Reliance in all three races on 20 August 1903; and 25 August 1903; and 3 September 1903. In 1920 the yacht was used for test racing against Shamrock IV and afterward was scrapped.

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