1806, Driver, Royal Artillery

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1806, Driver, Royal Artillery: drawn from a series of prints and drawings in the possession of the Royal Artillery Institution, Larkhill, Wiltshire

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In 1794 the practice of hiring civilian drivers and horses for the foot artillery was discontinued and a special corps was raised to provide a pool of horses and drivers for R.A. batteries. The Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers had originally been called the Corps of Captain Commissaries and Drivers when first formed in September 1794. It was organised as Divisions. In October 1801 it was renamed Corps of Gunner Drivers and organised as Companies. In April 1804 it was renamed the Brigade of Gunners and Drivers in the Royal Regiment of Artillery and organised as Troops. It remained organised as Troops when it became the Corps of Royal Artillery Drivers on 1 January 1806. The dress shown here is like that worn by civilian postillions, and the chaco is reminiscent of fatigue hats worn at about this time by gunners. Sources: Prints and drawings in possession of the R.A. Institution.

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