Yorkshire Terrier, Italian Greyhound and Pug

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An original print published in 1967 by Hugh Evelyn ©, London. This colour plate is from a series painted from life between 1879 and 1881 for The Illustrated Book of the Dog, by Vero Kemball Shaw, published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co (“Cassells”) in 1881. BYorkshire Terrier, Italian Greyhound and Pug is plate No 8 in the series.
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Yorkshire Terrier: The breed owes its origins to the old working Black and Tan Terrier with infusions of Maltese and Skye Terrier blood. It is thought that Scottish labourers travelling to work in the mines and cotton mills of Yorkshire brought their terriers with them and these provided the basis of the breed. This ancestry is seen in the colour of the coat – the breed is born black and tan and changes to a steel blue and tan of silky texture with maturity. A dog named Huddersfield Ben born in 1865 is created as the foundation of the breed.

Greyhound: Long legged hounds of greyhound type were depicted on the walls of Ancient Egyptian tombs and it is thought that these were the prototype of the sighthounds. These dogs with athletic streamlined bodies and acute sight were soon popular throughout Europe for their hunting prowess. The Greyhound was developed in Britain and in the Middle Ages a law was passed stating that only royalty and nobility could hunt with greyhounds.

Pug­: It is thought that traders from the Dutch East India Company took dogs of this type from China back to the Netherlands in the 16th Century where they became very popular in court circles. When William of Orange succeeded to the English throne, his Pugs came with him and they gained the attention of the aristocracy.

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