Officer, Grenadier Company, 19th Foot, 1819 (Green Howards)

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The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales’s Own Yorkshire Regiment) became part of the Yorkshire Regiment in 2006

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The 19th Foot were raised in 1688. Although they were originally composed largely of Devonshire men they have had a close connection with Yorkshire. They have always had green facings and became known as the Green Howards early in their history, when their commanding officer was a Howard, to distinguish them from the 3rd Foot who, with their buff facings and another Howard in command, were known as the Buff Howards – then ‘The Buffs‘. Now part of the Yorkshire Regiment. This is the levee dress of an officer of the 19th Foot in 1819. The braided lapels have become a plastron front, although still buttoned back and can still be buttoned across. The officer belongs to the grenadier company, so wears wings on his shoulders, ornamented with a grenade. The device on his belt-plate incorporates a grenade in the regimental badge. His gorget, which should bear an engraving of the Royal Arms, shows an engraving of a device also incorporating a grenade. His sword belt ends in slings instead of a frog, and he has the scimitar-type sword commonly worn in grenadier and light companies. The black satin breeches are unusual. He is shown wearing a hat with a grenadier plume rather than a bearskin cap. The hat almost disappeared in 1811 but was commonly worn at levees as it could be carried flat under the arm.

Source:  Complete uniform of Lt. Tayloe, 19th Foot, in the regimental museum.

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