No. 64 Farringdon Without Volunteers

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Farringdon Without
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Benjamin Cole, 1756: A map of Farringdon Ward from William Maitland’s The History and Survey of London from it’s Foundation to the Present Time with the arms of Richard Beckford and views of Temple Bar and Bridewell North Gate.

Farringdon Without is the most westerly Ward of the City of London, (see maps – click to expand) its suffix Without reflects its origin as lying beyond the City’s former defensive walls. It was first established in 1394 to administer the suburbs west of Ludgate and Newgate, and also around West Smithfield. This was achieved by splitting the very large, pre-existing Farringdon Ward into two parts, Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without. The large and prosperous extramural suburb of Farringdon Without has been described as having been London’s first West End.
The largest of the City’s 25 Wards, it was reduced in size considerably after a boundary review in 2003, and no longer corresponds very closely to its historic extent.
Farringdon Without and Farringdon Within are unconnected to the Farringdon area to the north, outside the City, in Clerkenwell. Southern Clerkenwell is sometimes referred to as Farringdon due to the presence of Farringdon Station, which was named after Farringdon Street and originally named Farringdon Street Station.

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