1927-28 Vauxhall 30-98


Early Motor Cars Vintage 1919-1933

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The Vauxhall 30 – 98 was a car manufactured by Vauxhall at Luton, Bedfordshire from 1913 to 1927. After the 1918 armistice, the D-type remained in production, along with the sporting E-type introduced in 1922 at 118 hp. Despite making good expensive pedigree cars of the kind that had served the company well in the prosperous pre-war years, these models were no longer in demand (313 units; 283 E’s). The company struggled to make a profit so Vauxhall looked for a partner which was why the 30/98 was quick to be discontinued when General Motors acquired Vauxhall in 1926. The OE was engineered by Clarence E. King, a detached character who saw no reason to meddle with the chassis. The brakes on both generations of the 30/98 were poor. Drums operated by a hand lever on the rear wheels made stopping the Type E quickly difficult. ‘Steer, change gear, jump out or pray’ was one owner’s advice. The hastily concocted front brakes of the OE were linked to a foot pedal working the transmission brake with compensation by an untidy ‘kidney box’ on the front cross member. The Autocar commented helpfully that ‘foot and hand brake should pull one out of any scrape.’ The owner’s manual suggested the hand brake ‘to check the car’s progress,’ the foot brake ‘in reserve for emergency.’ Temperamental hydraulic brakes, still on the front wheels and transmission only, arrived in 1927. They had to be pumped up by hand and were inefficient.

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