Swedish Fishing Boat with her Dory & Norwegian Cruising Lifeboat, Colin Archer


Sail Through the Centuries

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Swedish Fishing Boat: Öresund boats are clinker-built and were always built without construction drawings. Instead builders would make a half model from a piece of wood and cut out a hull form that they liked. The model was then cut into cross sections, from which templates were made in the classic style, enabling them to see the internal form. Working without drawings, it is by means of the planking that the desired lines are developed. The boat is then built from the keel upwards, with each plank slightly overlapping the previous one.

Norwegian Cruising Lifeboat, Colin Archer (1893): The beam was over 16′, draft 7′, displacement 35 tons. The great beam and flare made it stable for easy boarding, with a continuous deck and small house that could withstand waves crashing onboard. Mainsail, mizzen, staysail, jib and a topsail of very heavy canvas made a total of 1200 square feet of sail area. Its features were all aimed at survival and utility in violent short seas and the ability to tow (under sail) fishing vessels that had lost their rigs, so it was under-canvassed in pleasant weather. At the launch in late July 1893, the ship was named after its designer, ‘RS1 Colin Archer.’

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