1879 Lawson Bicyclette Machine


Early Bicycles 1791-1907

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The clever design of this bicycle represents an important stage in the evolution of the rear­ driven type of ‘safety’ bicycle. Lawson’s ‘Bicyclette’ was a much more practical machine than his earlier bicycle. No longer using a complicated treadle, link and crank method of transmission the ‘Bicyclette’ was designed with the rear wheel placed further back to make space for the introduction of a crank-supporting bracket ‘so that power could be transmitted by means of an endless chain from the rotating crank to a sprocket on the rear wheel. Steering is obtained by having the handlebars mounted to the rear of the steering head on the down tube main cross frame and a rod connecting to the offside of the front forb. This was necessary because of the rear location of the saddle. Rubber foot-pedals are fitted to the cranks and their position can be adjusted to suit the rider’s requirements. The ‘Bicyclette’ greatly encouraged enthusiasm for cycling as it was comparatively low and easy to control. The front wheel is 40 inches (1 m) in diameter and the rear 24 inches (60 cm), both having wire spokes and solid rubber tyres. The ‘Bicyclette’ weighs 60lb (27 Kg).

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