1914 Ford Model ‘T’ Van

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Early Commercial Vehicles1868-1919

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Cheaper than a team of horses and tougher than an army mule’ – the slogan that sold 92,000 Model ‘T’ cars and vans in 1912 (15 million by 1927). Chassis and engine remained unchanged throughout this period and a large range of models were made available including the Ford Model ‘T’ Delivery Car. It was built on the same chassis of Vanadium Steel which proved to be the toughest (and most expensive) steel then known. The Model ‘T’ became a popular light commercial vehicle. Chassis were sold separately and the bodywork added to the customer’s own requirements by his coach-builder. The splash lubrication system oiled all the parts of the engine and transmission from one large reservoir in the crankcase. The unorthodox two-speed planetary transmission was operated through an epicyclic gear-box by a foot pedal. A second pedal operates the reverse clutch and a third the transmission brake. A hand lever on the right of the steering wheel held the clutch in neutral. When pulled right back it was an emergency brake. Under the steering wheel are the spark and throttle levers. A ten-gallon petrol tank beneath the seat provided a gravity flow to the carburettor and a dip stick was used to determine the fuel level. On a full tank 200 miles could be covered. At 1,200 lb the Model ‘T’ delivery van was the lightest van made. It was built for the toughest roads and steepest country, but the 100-inch wheelbase and 8.5 m (28-foot) turning circle gave it a unique manoeuvrability at the time.

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