Zeppelin L 59 ‘Afrika-Schiff’ (Africa-Zeppelin), 1917 & Beardmore R34, 1919


Historic Airships 1852-1931

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Zeppelin L 59 ‘Afrika-Schiff’ (Africa-Zeppelin), 1917: Two Zeppelins of this type were developed as straightforward ‘stretches’ of the L53 Class (a development of the L30). They were built for the express purpose of carrying supplies to German forces which had become isolated in East Africa. L57 was wrecked before she could be used but L59 made the attempt. She was, however, recalled after reaching the latitude of Khartoum and returned safely to base having covered 6,700 km. (4,200 miles). The last wartime Zeppelins, the L70 Class, were essentially production versions of the Afrika-Zeppelins.

Beardmore R34, 1919: When the L30 Class Zeppelin L33 was shot down at Little Wigborough in Essex in 1916, the British made detailed drawings of the wrecked structure, later amplifying them with data from L49, ar L48 Class Zeppelin shot down over France in 1917. From this information the successful five-engined Admiralty 33 Class ships were built. R34 was the second ship of this class. She won fame as the first aircraft to fly the Atlantic from east to west and in both directions.

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