Nos 77, 78 & 79 Mile-End, Shoreditch and Trinity Minories Volunteers


PILE ARMS (see original 1798 description below)
Mile End is a district of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in the East End of London, England, 3.6 miles (5.8 km) east-northeast of Charing Cross. Situated on the London-to-Colchester road, it was one of the earliest suburbs of London. It became part of the metropolitan area in 1855, and is connected to the London Underground.
Shoreditch is a district in the East End of London in England, and forms the southern part of the London Borough of Hackney. Neighbouring parts of Tower Hamlets are also perceived as part of the area.  In the 16th century, Shoreditch was an important centre of the Elizabethan Theatre, and it has been an important entertainment centre since that time. Today, it hosts many pubs, bars and nightclubs. The most commercial areas lie closest to the city of London and along the A10 Road, with the rest mostly residential.
Minories is the name of a small former administrative unit, and also of a street in central London. Both the street and the former administrative area take their name from the Abbey of the Minoresses of St. Clare without Aldgate. Both are positioned just to the east of, and outside, the line of London’s former defensive walls, in London’s East End. The area of the former administrative unit was outside the City of London (most recently in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets), with the street partially in the City and partly in Tower Hamlets. Boundary changes in 1994 mean the area of both is now wholly within the City of London.

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Original Description of the unit from  1798:
THIS Corps was formed under John Liptrap, Esq. in May, 1798, for the preservation of Tranquillity within their own District. They consist of two Companies, of about 60 Rank and File; are joined to Wapping and Whitechapel. Received their Colours from the hand of — Charrington, Esq. as a present from the Ladies of Mile-End. The concerns of this Corps are regulated by a Committee, partly military and partly parochial.
OFFICERS’ NAMES: Captain Commander, John Liptrap, Esq. First Company.–Captain, John Liptrap; Lieutenant, —– Towers. Second Company.Captain, — Tompson; Lieutenant, — Kiddy.
Place of Arms, Golden Eagle, Mile-End.
DRESS: Helmets; on right side, Garter, Crown, and G. R.; Label, MILE-END VOLUNTEERS. Breastplate, oval, yellow; M. E. V. in cypher, and Crown above. Buttons, round, yellow,  in cypher, Crown above. White Pantaloons.
THIS Corps was formed under John Marshall, Esq. in March, 1798; and the Officers received their Commissions June, 1799. They consist of one Company, to protect their own District; are regulated by a military Committee, and have not yet received their Colours.
OFFICERS’ NAMES: Captain, John Marshall. First Lieutenant, Thomas Longbotham; Second Lieutenant, Charles Lush,
DRESS: Helmets; on right side, Garter and Crown; in front, SHOREDITCH VOLUNTEERS; Beast-plate; S. V. in cypher. Cartouch, a small Star. Half Gaiters.
THIS Association was formed the 7th of May, 1798, under Captain John Judson, for the protection of the Parish only. It consists of two Companies, and are to act with Aldgate Lordship Association, and St. Catharine’s; they have no Colours, and it is indefinite to what extent this Corps may be carried. The Committee is chosen by the Parish, and the Officers of the Corps a part of that Committee. Place of exercise the East India Company’s Ground; and the
OFFICERS’ NAMES ARE:  Captain, John Judson. First Lieutenant, Charles Martin; Second Lieutenant, Thomas Hill.
DRESS: Helmets; on a Label, TRINITY MINORIES, ASSOCIATION. Breastplate, oval, silver; T. M. A. in cypher. Cartouch Box; a Star. Buttons; T. M. A. Gaiters, Whole and Half.


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