A Perch High Phaeton


Feltons Carriages 1794

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The Carriage is a perch with the sides plated with iron, a whole wheel Front, a square Trunk Boot, hind and fore spring blocks, a hind Platform raised with blocks, Straked Wheels, com­mon Axletrees, and boxes. The Body, a long tail chair back, with sham doors and sword case, lined with second cloth, and trimmed with 2-inch Lace, a square fixed head, lined with second cloth, a large fixed Knee Boot, a sliding Seat Box, and a treble Folding Step for occasional use. The Plating with silver, a half inch moulding round the Sham Doors, the front and back of the Head, and on the Knee Boot at bottom, and round the sides of the Trunk Boot; a pair of Sword Case half frames, and fancy device Head Plates. The Painting picked out two colours, with a rich Fillet round the Pannels, the arms on the back, and Crests on the side Pannels and Footboard painted small, the Main and Check Braces common a pair of cross Check Braces, and English po1e pieces. First charge for a Large Perch Phaeton £47 19s 6d. [William Fenton, 1789]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm