Maréchal Niel

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The Maréchal Niel is a rose named for Napoléon III’s secretary of war. It has a medium yellow Noisette and was bred by Henri & Giraud Pradel (père & fils) in France some time before 1864.  It had been discovered by Louis Castel in France in 1857. It was introduced in France by Eugène Verdier fils aîne in 1864 as ‘Maréchal Niel’. Yellow.  Strong, raspberry, tea fragrance.  Average diameter 5″.  Very large, very double, borne mostly solitary, in small clusters, cupped, globular bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Climbing.  Glossy, light green foliage.  3 to 7 leaflets.  Height of 10′ to 15′ (305 to 455 cm).  Width of up to 6′ (up to 185 cm).

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