Set of 4 Large Vintage Airplanes
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Six Historic Racing Cars for a Boy’s Bedroom

Below you will find icons that will lead you to the 620 © original images (most of them are chromolithographs) we have for sale. These were all created between 50 and 60 years ago by well known artists specialised in their fields (see ABOUT US). Most adhere to a basic format: simple, colourful, accurate. 

They are ideal for mounting and framing for your wall as individual pictures (see also Mounted Prints below). They are now also fashionable for creating wall galleries like those you can see on either side of this writing. We supplied the original prints which you can see here to Etalage UK, who specialise in sourcing antique fine art prints, vintage oil paintings, decorative pictures, gallery walls & interior accessories to enhance any house, hotel or interior project).

For anyone interested in the stories behind the objects portrayed we have re-written their histories to reflect the more than 50 years of change since they were first published. We have recently returned the website after a short break during which we have changed much INCLUDING reducing our print prices by at least half in nearly all instances. But we still have much to do since the site remains a bit “clunky”. But we wanted to keep the site open whilst we make it more responsive to you, the user. We are working to improve the site every day. I am a retired lawyer who has catalogued and organised the collection; I am no computer expert and software code is like rocket science to me – only much more frightening. Progress is therefiore not electric for which I apologise.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems please feel free to contact me on our Contact Page. You can also email us direct at hevprints@gmail.com or telephone us on +44 (0) 7711 693 634 where you can leave a text or voice message if noone is availabe to answer the telephone.

The images you will see on this site are photographs of the prints. Magnifying them by hovering over them or viewing enlarged images may show some slight distortion of line, fill, colour or text. The prints themselves have no such distortions.