These rare, vintage lithographs, collotypes and engravings were published over 50 years ago. We retain © copyright.

John (of Gaunt), Duke of Lancaster, K.G. (1340-1399)
Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester (1208-1265)
William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke (1147-1219)
Richard “King Maker” Neville, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury, K.G. (1428-1471)
Neat Town Chariot
Travelling Coach
Large Crane-Neck Phaeton
Laundaulet or Demi Landau
HMS Shannon captured US USS Chesapeake Boston Harbour 1813
Pickle carried news of Nelson death and Trafalgar to England October 1805.
Terror, inspired “Star Spangled Banner” Baltimore, 1815. Discovered 2016.
HMS Fantome, 18 guns Brigantine (1838)
Private, 34th Foot, The Borders Regiment (1854)
Major, 10th FootRoyal Anglian (1864
Sergeant, Grenadier Guards (1901)
Captain, Scots Guards (1959)

Veteran Cars

The first European and American cars 1892-1905

Antique Pistols

Matchlocks, Wheelocks Flintlocks and Percussion – from 1690-1900

Victorian Champion Dogs

From The Illustrated Book of the Dog by Vero Kemball Shaw1881

12 classic sports cars from the 1920’s and 1930’s

Aston Martin 1 1/2 litre “Le Mans” (1933)
M.G. “Midget” TB (1939)
Bentley 4 1/2 litre (1928)
Morgan 4/4 “Le Mans Replica” (1937)

100 years of early steam navigation on both sides of the Atlantic

Savannah (1818) first steamship to cross the Atlantic
Hope (1864) Confederate blockade runner
P.S. William Fawcett (1829) the first P&O ship
Comet (1812) the first seagoing steamer

Royal Navy Napoleonic Dress

Before 1857 only officers wore uniform in the Royal Navy. These were their uniforms during the Napoleonic Wars

Captain, full dress and frock uniform (1787-1795). Nelson from the Leghorn miniature (r)
Admiral, Full Dress and Rear-Admiral Frock Uniform;
Lord Rodney (l) Lord Howe (r)
Master and Commander, Full Dress and Lieutenant, Full Dress
Officer of Marines (c.1796) and Officer Royal Marines, Full Dress (c.1805)

Americans were the first to fly but much early development of aircraft occurred in Europe.

Light Henri Farman (1910)
Fokker D-VII (1918)
Sopwith Camel (1917)
Albatros D-V (1917)

Steam Locomotive colour prints

Many of these prints were created to memorialise the age of steam

Great Western Railway, No. 3440, 1903
Caledonian Railway, No. 123 (1886)
London and North Western Railway 1892
London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, No. 82 (1880)

Royal Navy Warships – Steam

In 1899 Lord Salisbury passed the Naval Devence Act to rebuild in steam a navy that had been neglected since the defeat of Napoleon.

HMS Iron Duke, Battleship (1914)
HMS Orion, Battleship (1912)
HMS Hood, Battle Cruiser (1920)
HMS Royal Sovereign, Battleship (1892)

Cavalry Uniforms of the British Army

20 Uniforms from 1705-1960

Trooper, 3rd Horse (1705)
Captain, 18th Hussars (1815))
Captain, 1st Life Guards (1830)
Officer, 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards (1960)
Captain, 1st Life Guards (1830)
Captain, King’s Regiment of Horse (1722)

Americas Cup Yachts

Some of the fasmous 1851-1970

Reliance (NY Yacht Club) –  defeated Shamrock III  in 1903
Resolute (NY Yacht Cub) defeated Shamrock IV in 1920
Columbia (NY Yacht Club) defeated Sceptre 1958
Sceptre (Royal Yacht Squadron) lost to Columbia 1958

Plants from a Tudor Pattern Book

Copies of images made on vellum in c 1525 held at the Bodlean Library, Oxford

Dandelion and Sweet Briar (1520-1530)
Daffodil and Pink Dianthus (1520-1530)
Bristly Oxtongue and Linseed (1520-1530)
Soft Rush and Ransons (1520-1530)

Coastal Sailing Craft

3 joyous sailing craft

Yarmouth Lugger, Gypsy Queen (1859)
Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, Cariad (1904)
Plymouth Cutter, Erycina (1882)

Early Agricultural Equipment

Many advances shown here were made in Britain, but thanks to US industry modern equipment arrived here to help Britain feed itself through two world wars

Mann’s Reaping Machine (c.1830)
Ransomes, Head and Jeffries Patent Double Plough with Subsoiler (c.1870) and Cuthbert Clarke’s Draining Plough (c.1760)
Ransomes, Sims and Jeffries Four Furrow “Key Conqueror” Disc Plough (1919)
Overtime Tractor (1917)

Royal Artillery Uniforms


Officer, Royal Artillery (1965)
Officer, Royal Artillery (1758)
Gun Lascar, Madras Foot Artillery (1846)
Battery Sergeant Major, Royal Artillery (1914)

Classic Roses

Souvenir de Malmaison

Steam Locomotive Engravings

Great Western Railway 2-2-2, No. 378 “Sir Daniel” (1866)
Great Northern of Scotland Railway 4-4-0, No. 81 (1893)
South Eastern Railway 4-4-0, No. 240 (1889)
Great Western Railway Lord of the Isles 4-2-2, (1851)

Vintage Cars

Lancia ‘Dilambda’ (1930)
Bugatti Type 30 (1926)
Mercedes-Benz 36/220s (1928)
Stutz 36.4 (1929)

The Light Brigade at Crimea

11th (Prince Albert’s own) Hussars, Review Order, The Earl of Cardigan (1854)
17th Lancers, Review Order, Captain Morris (1854)

Scottish Regimental Uniforms

Drummer, 92nd Regiment (1808)
Piper, The Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch) (1856)
Sergeant, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (1914)
Officer, The Gordon Highlanders (1959)

Hempel’s Sailcraft

DanishTopsail Schooner
Arabian Dhow
Greek Sacelova
Grand Banks Schooner

London Infantry Volunteers 1799

Thames Livery Company Barges

County Yeomanry Uniforms

Early Buses and Trams

London General Omnibus Garden Seat Horse Bus (1895)
Vevey-Montreux-Chillon Electric Tramcar (1888)
Portsmouth Corporation Electric Tram (1891)
London General Omnibus Company’s “B” type motor bus (1910)

A History of Sail

French Barque Built in Nantes, Persistant (1865)
Turkish Kayik Greek καΐκι
Turkish Caique, Trader in the Aegean Sea, Nineteenth Century (c.1850) and Greek Fishing Boat from Mykanos (c.1850)
Down Easter Schooner
Down Easter Bank Fishing Schooner, Ethel B. Penny (c.1880)
Ketch from the Åland Isles 50 (sic) years ago and Swedish Ketch, Experiment (1857)

Historic Airships

Goodyear-Zeppelin ZRS-4 1931 ‘˜Akron’: designed by ex-Zeppelin engineers
Zeppelin LZ129 1936 ‘Hindenburg’: destroyed by fire while landing in US on 6 May 1937
Giffard Steam Dirigible 1852: The first powered and steerable (French: dirigeable) airship to fly
Zeppelin LZ 127 1928 ‘˜Graf Zeppelin’: operated a regular passenger service for five years
Royal Airship Works R101 1929: the world’s largest flying craft at 731 ft (223 m) in length
Lebaudy ‘Le Jaune’ (1902) The first practical airship aquired and developed by a military entity

London Volunteers – Cavalry

No. 4 Westminster Cavalry (1799)
No. 8 Lambeth Cavalry (1799)
No. 2 Surrey Yeomanry (1799)
No. 6 Southwark Cavalry (1799)

400 Years of European Dress


Dutch Middle-Class Dress (1650-1656)


Fashionable Dress (1760-1768)


Riding and Walking Dress (1831-1837)

Early Commercial Vehicles

Shand Mason Horse Drawn Fire Engine (1902)
Daimler Motor-Truck (1898)
Berna Open Motor-lorry (1917)
Dennis Motor Fire-engine (1914)

The Cutty Sark

A superb Crown print of Cutty Sark issued to commemorate the centenary of her launch in 1869
This print was made 18 years before the fire that engulfed the vessel on 21st May 2007 whilst undergoing renovation

Infantry Regiments 1660-1790

Officer, Coldstream Guards (1680)
Grenadier Officer, 1st Guards (1688)
Grenadier, 3rd Foot (1725)
Officer, 1st Guards, The Grenadier Guards (1775)

American and European Edwardian Cars 1904-1912

Ford Model “T” (1912)
Oldsmobile 7, 1904
Daimler 38 (1910)
Morris ‘Oxford’ (1913-1914)

Infantry Regiments 1790-1850

Private, 4th Batalion, 60th Regiment (1812)
Field Officer, 94th Foot (1824) (The Connaught Rangers)
Sergeant, 13th Light Infantry (1833)
Officer, Light Company, 12th Foot,

Traction Engines

Chas. Burrel & Sons Ltd., Finem Respice (1900)
William Foster & Co Ltd, The Little Gem (1933)
John Fowler & Cos Wayfarer (1920)
Foden Sons & Co Ltd, The Mighty Atom (1932)

Fairground Rides

Mr. Billy Ashley’s Three Abreast “Galloping Horses” (1894)
Mr. Harry Lee’s “Steam Yachts” (1901)

Armoured Fighting Vehicles 1918-1945

Panzerkampfwagon Tiger 1 (E), Sd. Kfz. 181 tank (1942)
T34/85 tank (1944)
Rolls Royce Armoured Car 1920 Pattern (1920)
Renault FT tank (1918)

Early Bicycles

Hobby-Horse Bicycle (1791)
“Coventry” Tricycle (1876)
Bayliss-Thomas “Ordinary” Bicycle (1879)
Dursley-Pederson Bicycle (1893)