1899 Panhard et Levassor


1899 Panhard et Levassor (scroll down for a more detailed Description)

Published 1966 by © Hugh Evelyn Limited; drawn by George A. Oliver (1920-1990)
Size: c. 47.5 x 34.5 cm [18 ½″ x 13 ½″] – may vary slightly from printers’ cut 50 years ago
Printed on high white matt cardstock weighing 136 g/sm2
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The image you see is a scan which may show some slight distortion of line, fill, colour or text when you expand it. The prints themselves have no distortions.

Established as a car manufacturer by René Panhard and Émile Levassor in 1887 they sold their first automobile in 1890. Based on a Daimler engine it was the first internal combustion engined vehicle made in France. The licence was obtained from Paris lawyer Edouard Sarazin. Daimler later commissioned Sarazin’s widow Louise to carry on the agency. She married Levassor in 1890. Daimler and Levassor became fast friends, and shared improvements. In 1895, Levassor drove a 1,205 cc Panhard like this one in the Paris – Bordeaux – Paris race. He drove the entire distance in 48 hours and 48 minutes, averaging 24 km/h, finishing six hours ahead of the second. He had one bowl of soup, a couple of sandwiches and a glass of champagne by way of nourishment. Arthur Krebs succeeded Levassor as General Manager in 1897 and held the job until 1916. He turned Panhard into one of the largest and most profitable manufacturer of automobiles before World War I. The early 20th century saw France as the world’s leading automobile producer. Panhard was eventually acquired by Citroën, itself later acquired by Peugeot. The last Panhard car was built in 1965. Finally Volvo brought what was left of the Panhard truck division in 2005.

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Dimensions 47.5 × 34.5 cm