1930 Lancia ‘Dilambda’


Early Motor Cars Vintage 1919-1939

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One of the most gifted automobile engineers of all time, Vincenzo Lancia founded his own company in 1906, having previously been FIAT’s chief test driver. The Lancia Dilambda is a passenger car produced by Lancia between 1928 and 1935. The car was officially presented in Paris at the Motor Show in 1929. It has a 4 litre (244 in3) V8 engine with 24-degree V angle. Unlike its revolutionary Lambda V4 predecessor, the Dilambda did not use a stress-bearing body but reverted to a separate chassis. A new design, the latter possessed exceptional torsional rigidity, a virtue necessitated by its independent front suspension. Narrow-angle vee-configuration engines were a Lancia speciality, the Dilambda’s 3,960cc (242 in3) overhead-valve unit having cylinder banks disposed at only 24 degrees. With 100bhp on tap, the Dilambda in its short-chassis form was capable of 85mph, an exceptional performance at the time. The Dilambda, longer than 5 meters (16′ 5′), was the Lancia flagship until 1931. Initially designed for the rich American market, the car was modified for Europe. The Dilambda chassis was appreciated for its drive specification, performance, comfort and quietness. It was adopted by the greatest independent coachbuilders in Italy (Pininfarina, Castagna, Cesare Sala, Stablemate Farina) and abroad, to create beautiful vehicles.

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