1937 Morgan 4/4 ‘Le Mans Replica’

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English Sports Cars 1925-1939

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In 1936 Henry Morgan and his son visited Ford’s new factory in Dagenham. Following the visit, he confirmed his intention that Morgan would remain a small and flexible company and not enter mass production. He followed men like Donald Healey – car enthusiasts at heart whose philosophy was product rather than process-led. By 1936, the Morgan three-wheeler had been in continuous production for 27 years and some 30,000 units had been built. But the introduction of small economic mass-produced cars spelt death for the three-wheeler. The company’s answer was to design and build a completely new car with four wheels, not three. The new model was named the Morgan Four Four sports car. The prototype was rigorously tested both in trials and on the track and was finally launched at Motor Shows in both London and Paris. The title “Four Four”, chosen to differentiate it from the previous three wheelers, confirmed it had four wheels, not three, and four cylinders, not two. The car had a steel chassis with steel, later replaced by aluminium, body panels on an ash frame, which gave it the necessary strength and light weight required in a sports car. The 4-4 was an immediate success. The original two-seater Morgan 4-4 convertible, launched in 1936, was the most sought after of the three variants. Up to 1939, the car was powered by a 1122 cc Coventry Climax engine, developing 34 bhp.

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