Elegant Crane Neck Coach

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Published 1962 © Hugh Evelyn Limited; artist Alan Osbahr;
c. 34 x 24 cm (13″ x 9″) on high white matt cardstock of 115 g/m²;
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In any grand procession, an elegant carriage forms the principal part; and where splendour is necessary, a rich display of fanciful designs in the carving and painting chiefly con­ tributes towards it: but as it is difficult to form a regular judgment of the value of a carriage so highly ornamented in the painting and carving, such only will be described as the value thereof may be ascertained from the former statements. A profusion of carved ornaments and figures much gilt with beautiful paintings decorates the outside, rich velvet linings and silk trimmings the inside; the value of such a carriage can only be guessed at, as it depends on the artist who executes it to charge according to its merit in the execution. The carriage here represented, though not so much ornamented, is built on the same principle as the state equipage, but more exactly answers the description of a neat light carriage for the East- or West-Indies, it being made very airy with side and end lights or windows; the kind of carriages used chiefly in those places are crane necked, but are built much lighter than what is necessary for this country, as the horses not being so strong, and the roads of soft sandy soil, a heavy carriage would sink therein and be obstructed by its weight. First charge for a crane neck coach £121 4s 0d ‘[William Fenton 1794]

The Carriage, a Crane neck, Double Bow Cranes, raised hind end with handsome carved Pump- handles, and a Footman Cushion Plated at the top and bottom edge, an Iron coach box raised on handsome carved Blocks, Patent Wheels with Moulded fellies, new pattern Cylinder axletree and boxes. The Body with Carved ends to the bottom, sides for casings to the body Loops, Round sides, Octagon side Lights, and one large back Light, for Glasses and Shutters to slide in, lined with Morocco leather, and trimmed with handsome worsted and cotton Lace 4 inches wide, with the Arms worked therein, treble folding Steps, Wilton carpet, sliding seat Boxes, one set and a pair of Festoon Curtains with side drapery for the door front and back Lights, one set of ditto with top drapery only, for side Lights, two set and one large Venetian Blind, Lace, glass frames, one set of glasses for the side Lights, and a large one for the back Light extra, with the Frames covered with Lace. The Plating with silver, the mouldings 6-8th of an inch wide which goes round the pannels, sides, back and front; all round the middle and roof, up the corner pillars and sides of the doors, in quantity about 1 IO feet; a 3-8ths of an inch moulding, round all the lights, in quantity about sixty feet, four silver Scroll ornaments, four handsome large Head Plates of about the value of a set for a coach of the usual patterns, and four silver plated Nave Hoops, and a plated Pole-hook, a handsome Cornice for the roof of about the same value per foot as the wide plated mouldings, in quantity about 22 feet, the Hammer-cloth Superfine, trimmed with 13 yards of 2½ inch Lace, 9 yards of 8 inch ornamented Fringe, 13 yards of 4 inch Velvet at 4s. per yard, and 36 yards of narrow 1 inch binding lace, Silk Crests within, silk Mantles embroidered on the ends, a double pair of arms Lace Footman holders, the Painting high varnished, a rich Border 5 inches wide, round the middle measuring about 21 feet, with handsome Swags of Flowers on each side, of about the same value with the border, the mouldings of the carriage are Gilt and Picked out in an ornamented manner, and amounts to about double the price of Picking out with three colours, the Main and Check Braces with whole buckles, French pole pieces, with plated buckles.

First charge for a crane neck coach£12140
Double bows to the cranes330
Raised hind end with handsome carved Pump Handles440
A Footman cushion plated at the top and bottom edge7180
An Iron Coach box and carved Blocks1880
Patent wheels with Moulded fellies3190
New pattern Cylinder Axletrees and Boxes17140
Round sides to the Body200
Side Lights, and one large back ditto for Glasses and Shutters900
Lining of Morocco leather in lieu of Cloth800
The Trimmings worsted and cotton Lace 4 inches broad, with the arms worked in them968
Treble folding Steps200
A set of Festoon curtains with side drapery for the doors and front, and one ditto
            for the back light4100
One set of ditto with Festoon tops only2126
One set of Venetian Blinds in lieu of Shutters250
One set of Venetian blinds for the side Lights4100
One large ditto for back light1100
Two inch Arms lace for glass Frames1100
One set of small Glasses and Frames and the frames Covered with Lace660
One large Class with lace covered frame220
Five extra glass strings or holders to match the rest2100
110 feet of 6-8th of inch size moulding17176
60  feet of 3-8th of ditto526
Four silver scroll ornaments800
Four large handsome ornaments for the top in lieu of head Plates2100
Four Silver plated Nave hoops660
A standing or raised Cornice3116
A pole hook plated2100
The hammer-cloth as described18100
Two pair of Arms Lace Footman holders with ornamented Tassels2160
The Pannels high Varnished5156
The Mouldings gilt and picked out three colours500
Twenty-one feet of rich 5 inch Border1100
A pair of handsome swags of Flowers painted on the Pannels1100

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm