No. 4 St. Mary Islington, Volunteer


Plan of the parish of St Mary’s Islington, with the nine ecclesiastical districts that make up the parish delineated by colours. Crace Collection of Maps of London. © of The British Library Board London.

FIX BAYONETS [2nd motion] (see original 1798 description below)
Islington (see map) is a district in Greater London, England, and part of the London Borough of Islington. It is a mainly residential district of Inner London, extending from Islington’s High Street to Highbury Fields, encompassing the area around the busy High Street, Upper StreetEssex Road (former “Lower Street”), and Southgate Road to the east. The Church of St Mary the Virgin is the historic parish church of Islington, in the Church of England Diocese of London. The present parish is a compact area centred on Upper Street between Angel and Highbury Corner, bounded to the west by Liverpool Road, and to the east by Essex Road/Canonbury Road. The church is a Grade II listed building. Some roads on the edge of the area, including Essex Road, were known as streets by the medieval period, possibly indicating a Roman origin, but little physical evidence remains. What is known is that the Great North Road from Aldersgate came into use in the 14th century, connecting with a new turnpike (toll road) up Highgate Hill. This was along the line of modern Upper Street, with a toll gate at The Angel defining the extent of the village. The Back Road, the modern Liverpool Road, was primarily a drovers’ road where cattle would be rested before the final leg of their journey to Smithfield. Pens and sheds were erected along this road to accommodate the animals. The first recorded church, St Mary’s, was erected in the twelfth century and was replaced in the fifteenth century. Islington lay on the estates of the Bishop of London and the Dean and Chapter of St Pauls. There were substantial medieval moated manor houses in the area, principally at Canonbury and Highbury. In 1548, there were 440 communicants listed and the rural atmosphere, with access to the City and Westminster, made it a popular residence for the rich and eminent. The local inns harboured many fugitives and sheltered recusants. The churchyard was enlarged in 1793. With the rapid growth of Islington, it became full and closed for burials in 1853. It was laid out as a public garden of one and a half acres in 1885.

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Original Description of the unit from 1798:
No. IV.
THE Loyal Islington Volunteer Corps was set on foot by J. P. Anderdon,  Esq. immediately after the French landed at Fishguard, in Wales, and were  inrolled to serve within the parish of Islington, and the City of London and  its Liberties; and all future regulations to be under the guidance of their  Committee.
Commander, Lieut. Colonel Alexander Aubert, F. R. S.
Second in command, with the rank of Major, Charles Apthorp Wheelright,  Esq.
The Regiment is composed of six Companies of Infantry, and of one  Troop of Horse, commanded by Captain Anderdon, &c. The Committee  consists of thirty Gentlemen of the neighbourhood, the Rector, Lecturer, and  Magistrates of the parish; and these, with most of the Officers, fill up all  vacancies by ballot.
The Colours were paid for by a subscription from the Ladies of the  neighbourhood, and presented by Mrs. Aubert, about two years since. The  Standard was presented to the Troop this spring, 1799, by Mrs. Anderdon,  at her own expence: and it is shortly expected another Troop will be added,  and two Field Pieces.
The Regiment was reviewed by General D’Oyley, in 1798.
Ornament on Ditto, a Crown.
Buttons, round, L. I. V. in Cypher.
White Pantaloons, with Half Gaiters of Black Cloth. The Officers wear  stiff top Boots.
N.B. The only duty the Regiment has done, was to assist the Light Horse Volunteers in dispersing the memorable meeting of the Corresponding Society at St. Pancras. 

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