A Landau


Feltons Carriages 1794

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LANDAU is a carriage in the form of a Coach, the upper part of which may be opened at pleasure for the advantage of air and prospect in the summer time. Principally in­ tended for country use, they are the most convenient carriages of any, as so many persons may be accommodated with the pleasure of an open and a closed carriage in one, without the care of driving, as in other open Carriages, or the expense and encumbrance of keeping two, and the expense for duty saved thereby, are advantages worth the notice of those who wish to be thus accommodated. The amusement many gentlemen may have in driving light open carriages has prevented Landaus being more generally used than what they otherwise would have been, and what, from their utility, might be expected. The upper parts are covered with a grain leather which cannot be Japanned, and of course does not look so well as fixed roofs; they are also heavier and more expensive than the common coaches, which are the only causes for objections, and which are but trifling when compared to the other advantages they possess. First charge for a Landau, with Perch Carriage £120 11s 0d (without extras) [William Fenton, 1794]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm