A Travelling Post-Chaise


Feltons Carriages 1794

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The Carriage is a Crane Neck, with raised hind end on plain short Blocks, a large platform Budget, a trunk inside of it, a large trunk on the hind end, a Drag Staff and Chain, strong straked Wheels, new pattern Axletrees with double case Boxes, the springs corded. The Body has a Sword Case back, and is lined with second cloth, trimmed with 2t inch Lace, and swinging holders, quilted Sides, double folding Steps, a sliding seat Box, Wilton Carpet, Venetian Blinds, and doth covered Glass Frames. The Plating with silver, an Octagon, and a pair or Sword Case Frames, a 4-Bth moulding all round the middle, up the corner, and standing Pillars, Italian Lamps, plain, and three in number. The Painting plain with a Cypher and crest on the doors only, the main and check Braces common, and English Pole Pieces, a pair of safe Braces and Fixtures. First charge for a crane neck post-chaise £107 14s 6d. [William Fenton, 1789]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm