English Setter (1877)


Victorian Dogs

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One of the oldest breeds of gundog, traced back to the 14th century, it was developed over many years from the spaniel. It was originally called a Setting Spaniel, used for finding and setting game. Worked on moorland, they ranged out freely in front of the hunter, quartering the ground seeking birds. When located, they would crouch (set) remaining motionless. Hunters would lay nets and on a given command the dogs would drive the birds to the nets. This continued until the late 18th century when the gun replaced the net. The first Setters were owned by the nobility and it is likely some were brought from the Continent following war. The modern English Setter owes its appearance to Mr Edward Laverack (1800-1877) who developed his own strain of the breed by careful inbreeding and selective line-breeding. The modern show-type of English Setter is frequently referred to as the Laverack-type. He was the author of the book entitled The Setter, published in 1872. This was the definitive book on the breed and was the basis for the creation of the English Setter Standard.

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