The Armed Association of St. Mary, Whitechapel


Loyal Volunteers of London
For more than 600 years a Christian church stood on the site of Adler Street, White Church Lane and Whitechapel High Street in the East end of London. The Whitechapel Church, St Mary Matfelon was the second oldest in Stepney. In 1673, the parish of Stepney was divided into nine parishes, one of them being the newly formed parish of St Mary’s, Whitechapel. A third church was built on the site in the 19th century and opened and re-consecrated in 1877.  In 1880, the new church, opened three years before, was devastated by fire which left only its tower, vestry and church rooms intact. It was rebuilt and opened again in 1882, with a capacity for 1600 worshippers. During The Blitz, on 29 December 1940, an enemy fire raid destroyed the church. It was left in disrepair until it was finally demolished in 1952.

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This Association was formed the 4th of June 1798, to protect their own Parish, and not march out without their own consent. It consists of two Companies, Infantry, and is not yet joined with any other, but shortly expects to be with Mile End. They are regulated by a military and parochial Committee; and on the 1st of June 1799, received their Colours at the hand of Mrs. Hardy, Lady of Lieutenant Hardy, in the Tower Hamlets Field, Bethnal Green.  Place of Arms, Whitechapel Ground.

OFFICERS’ NAMES: First Company. – Captain, Carsten Rohde; First Lieutenant, – Cope; Second Lieutenant, – Roper. Second Company:Captain, Matthew Craven; Third Lieutenant, –­ Hardy; Fourth Lieutenant, vacant.

DRESS: Helmets; Label, WHITECHAPEL VOLUNTEERS. Breast-plate, oval, and yellow; W. V. and Crown. Buttons, gilt; W. V. and Crown. Whole Gaiters.

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