A Neat Ornamented, or Town Coach


Feltons Carriages 1794

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The Carriage, a Perch, plated on the sides with Iron, a raised hind end on neat short Blocks, a Footman’s Cushion plated at the top, with carved hind Standards, a raised fore end with neat fore Budget Blocks, a half Wheel fore end, a Salisbury Coach box, Hooped Tyre Wheels with Moulded fellies, common Axletrees and Boxes. The Body with Round Sides, a Sword Case back, lined with Second Cloth and trimmed with 2½ inch Lace, and Swinging Holders, Quilted Sides, double folding Steps, a Wilton Carpet, and two sliding seat Boxes, Venetian Blinds, and a set of Silk Spring curtains. The Plating with silver, a half-inch moulding round the side pannels, on the bottom sides, all round the middle and roof, up the corner Pillars and sides of the door lights, a 3-8th moulding all round the door and front lights, four silver Scroll ornaments, a set of fiat pierced crest Head Plates, a set of light Sham joints, and a pair of oval Lamps Plated. The Hammer-cloth of Livery, trimmed with one top and two middle rows of 2½ and one bottom row of 1-inch lace, a top and bottom row of ornamented fringe 5 inches deep, two pair of Lace Footman’s Holders 2½ inches wide. The Painting of the Carriage picked out two colours, the Body Polished, a pair of Arms painted on the Doors in foliage mantles, four Crests on the Quarters and two on the Stiles. The Braces common, and French pole-pieces. First charge for a Perch Coach £105 9s 0p (without extras). [William Fenton, 1794]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm