Gretel, 1962


America’s Cup Yachts 1851-1970

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Gretel is an Australian racing yacht in the 12-metre class that unsuccessfully challenged for the 1962 America’s Cup. Gretel (KA-1) was the first Australian 12-meter.  Representing the successful challenger, the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, she waswas designed by Alan Payne, built at Lars Halvorsen Sons in Sidney, and owned by a syndicate headed by Sir Frank Packer plus Richard Dickson, William H. Northam, William G. Walkley, and Noel Foley. She was helmed by Jock Sturrock. Although the New York Yacht Club yacht Weatherly won the regatta four races to one Gretel won the second race, winning a race from the Americans for the first time in over 30 years. They lost the fourth race by twenty-six seconds only. The NYYC was so shocked at the closeness of the contest that they changed the rules to ban the use of American design and technology by Cup challengers. (Sir Frank Packer was a publishing tycoon and legendary gambler. He was once playing in Las Vegas when a loudmouthed Texan asked to join in. Not liking the Australian’s rejection. the Texan said, ‘I’m a big player too. I’m worth $100 million’. Kerry replied, ‘If you really want to gamble, I’ll flip you for it’)!

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