An Elegant Chariot


Feltons Carriages 1794

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The Carriage is a Crane neck with double bowed Cranes, and long Sweeped fore ends to ditto, o11 which the Iron Coach-box is fixed, a raised hind end on handsome short Blocks, with foot­ man cushion plated at the top and bottom, and extra handsome carved hind standards, patent Wheels with Moulded fellies, new pattern Cylinder, Axletrees and Boxes, the Body with side Lights and a divided back Light, with plate glasses and Venetian blinds lined with Morocco, trimmed, with silk crest Lace, handsome Festoon Curtains, with side Drapery to all the Lights, a sliding seat Box, a Wilton Carpet, and Treble folding steps. The Hammer Cloth, a second cloth trimmed with a top and bottom row of narrow, and one row or broad 4-inch lace, with Silk embroidered arms in the middle, a top and bottom row of 7-inch Fringe, over which Silk Drapery in Festoons is placed, Double footman Holders of Lace 3! i11chcs wide, with handsome Tassels. The Plating with silver, a broad 5-8th moulding round the pannels, the corners, pillars and sides of the doors, a 3-8th of an inch moulding all round the door, the front and back Lights, a pair of handsome Ornamented Head Plates; the Body Loops Plated overall outside surface, the Check brace Rings, the Worm Springs, the out and inside wheel hoops and pole hook plated. The Painting has the mouldings Gilt or Silvered, and picked out three Colours, the Body is ornamented with a Border all round the Framing on the Pannels or the middling kind 5 inches wide with a large rich Mantle, with the Arms and Crest within, on the side and ends; a high varnished Body, an Oil Varnished Carriage. The Main and Check Braces with whole Buckles and a pair of Worm springs plated, a set of point strips, French Pole Pieces with plated Buckles. First charge for a crane neck post-chaise £107 2s 6d. [William Fenton, 1789]

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Dimensions 38 × 25.5 cm