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  • 1914 Argyll 15/30


    Early Motor Cars Edwardian 1904-1915

  • P.S. Marie-Henriette, 1893


    P.S. Marie Henriette:

    Owner: Belgium State Railways, Brussels, Belgium;
    Builder:  S.A. John Cockerill, Antwerp, Belgium;
    1367 GRT;  Leingth: 340 ft (104 m) Beam: 38ft (12 m)

    Published 1968 © Hugh Evelyn; artist Peter W.M. Griffin.
    c. 47 x 34 cm. (19″ x 13″) on high white medium cardstock 142 g/sm².
    Shown here is a scan of the print.
    This is a LARGE print; see mail costs at Shipping & Returns.

    Ship detail below
  • Reliance, 1903


    Reliance  defeated Shamrock III
    Detail below
    c. 23 x 33 cm (9 x  13 in) STANDARD size
    This mage is a scan
    Mail: the same cost for 1 up to any 10 prints see Shipping & Returns

  • Cutty Sark, 1869


    The Cutty Sark

    A superb print of Cutty Sark issued to commemorate the centenary of her launch in 1869.
    This Hugh Evelyn © Crown Print was published in 1969 by © Hugh Evelyn and drawn by Scottish marine artist John Gardner (1930-2010). The print is 70 x 47 cm (27.4” x 18.6”) in eight base colours on heavy cartridge paper weighing c. 166 g/m2 weight.  Shown here is a scan of the print.
    This print was made 18 years before the fire that engulfed the vessel on 21st May 2007 whilst undergoing renovation. 
    This print is EXTRA LARGE size. See shipping charges for up to 10 prints at Shipping & Returns
    For more history about this ship see below:


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