Temple Bar and St. Paul’s (Later Loyal London Volunteers)


Loyal Volunteers of London

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This Corps* was formed late in 1792. On the 7th of December, Mr. Edward Foster called a meeting Formed in Feb. 1798, to protect the Civil Magistrates, and preserve the Peace of the City; they are composed of Five Companies, one of which is a Grenadier Company, and one Light, wearing Green Feathers. Their Place of Arms is Bridewell Hospital; and their Committee is chosen among themselves by ballot. This Corps received their Colours on the steps of St. Paul’s Church, from the hand of Mrs. Sylvester, lady of John Sylvester, Esq. Common Serjeant; and were consecrated at the altar of the same church by the Rev. Thos. Bowen, Chaplain to the Corps, and to Bridewell Hospital. They are joined with Cordwainer’s Ward, Queen-Hythe, and Guildhall Associations.

PRINCIPAL OFFICER’S NAMES: Lieutenant Colonel, Jasper Atkinson. First Captain, John Keysall. Major, John Pooly Kingsenton.

DRESS: Helmet, Label, LOYAL LONDON VOLUNTEERS. Ornament on ditto, Garter and Crown. Breast-plate, oval, with the Crown. Cartouch, a Star, &c. Buttons, T. B. and S. P. in cypher; LONDON LOYAL VOLUNTEERS below. Half Gaiters, black; since changed to whole.

* Independent of these, there is an Association of Civilians, making Three Companies of 120 Rank and File, formed the 26th of May 1798, under Lord Elden, to confine themselves to Doctors’ Commons.

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