Surrey Yeomanry


Loyal Volunteers of London

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This brilliant Troop was early mounted, and indefatigable in its exertions. For Discipline it is generally acknowledged worthy to rank with the best Regulars. They have been frequently reviewed, and as often received the warmest approbation from the higher powers. Their Standards were presented on Epsom Downs by the hand of Lady Leslie; and their OFFICERS ARE:

Colonel, Right Hon. Lord Leslie. Lieutenant Colonel, – Evelyn; Major, Sir Thomas Turton. Captains, John Rice, William Strode, Charles Dunking. Lieutenant Captain, Mr. Jons. Lieutenants, Barines, George Brown. Adjutant, Mr. Wathen. Cornets,  Evans, – Norriss.

N.B. Since engraving the annexed Plate, the Body Dress of the Troop has undergone a small alteration.


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