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Loyal Volunteers of London

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This Corps was formed late in 1792. On the 7th of December, Mr. Edward Foster called a meeting of the inhabitants, and they resolved to arm for the protection of each other, and the bringing to justice such persons as disturbed the peace or acted in any way contrary to the laws of the land, or to the interests of the Sovereign.  This undertaking being more generally known, a meeting of the Nobility, Gentry, and others, took place at the Festino Rooms, Hanover-square, when a subscription was entered into to carry their plan perfectly into effect. In 1794, his Majesty signed the Commission, and Edward Foster was appointed to command. In 1796, additions were made to the Corps; and in 1797, four more Companies, to form a Regiment, and two Flank Companies: but in April 1798, after the result of a Court of Inquiry, his Majesty was pleased to appoint the Earl of Chesterfield, Colonel, and the Hen. Henry Stanhope, Lieut. Colonel, in the room of Col. Foster, and Col. Tyler, who resigned.  At this time the Regiment was advanced in number to 630 Rank and File, 21 Drums, 30 Serjeants, 3 Field Officers, 7 Captains, 20 Subalterns, and 5 Staff. This Regiment has been frequently reviewed, but in 1798, by their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York and Gloucester, in Hyde Park, who were pleased to honour the St. George’s Hanover-square Volunteers with their highest approbation. N.B. The Regiment receives a certain yearly sum from the Crown. In Feb. 1799, the whole Corps took the Oath of Fidelity, and were fresh enrolled to serve under a General Officer In the London District, whenever called upon.

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