Victorian Dogs

These 8 Hugh Evelyn Prints are reproductions of chromolithographs from The Illustrated book of the Dog by Vero Kemball Shaw (“assisted by leading breeders of the day”) which was first published in London in 1881 by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co (“Cassells”).It had an appendix on canine medicine and surgery, by W. Gordon Stables. It was only the fourth book dedicated to dogs ever published in Britain with illustrations – it contained over 92 coloured chromolithographs. The book was the first to show portraits of the Airedale Terrier and the first colour illustrations of the Bedlington, Dandie Dinmont, Irish, Yorkshire and Fox Terriers, Basset Hounds, Retrievers and some other breeds.
The prints measure 26 x 21.5 cm (10 ½ ″ x 8 ½ ″) and are printed on medium heavy paper (c. 115 g/sm2) with a light greyish orange background (c. RGB fbf2ed). Shown here are scans of the prints.

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