1904 Lanchester


Early Motor Cars Veteran 1894-1904

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Started in 1891 as an engine company founded by the three Lanchester brothers experiments began with Motor Cars in 1895 with a decision to design a ‘Motor Car’ rather than a Horseless Carriage. Production began in 1900, using a twin cylinder horizontally opposed air-cooled engine design, a radical innovation at this time. Despite the brilliant design of the Lanchester twin its commercial success was limited. It was late in appearing as, by the end of 1901, motor salesmen were claiming the Panhard et Levassor system was the only method of building a motor car. The efforts of engineers were concentrated on improving a design admittedly bristling with makeshifts. Had Lanchester been able to offer his 1901 design in, say 1898, its influence would have been greater. The second factor was financial. The Lanchester Company was under-capitalised. It struggled to make ends meet and therefore could not spend on publicity. The vehicle had an early form of disc brakes. Lanchester built its own bodies, but by 1904 was bankrupt and had to be rescued by the Receiver and renamed as ‘ Lanchester Motor Company Ltd’. In 1904 4-cylinder water-cooled engines were given to Lanchester cars with overhead valves, and 6-cylinder engines came in 1906. Lanchester was later acquired by B.S.A. before eventually became a part of Daimler UK.

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