Vice Admiral, Undress Uniform, 1795-1812


Vice-Admiral, UNDRESS UNIFORM: Nelson in the uniform he wore at the Battle of Trafalgar from coats held by the Royal Museums at Greenwich

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This plate shows Lord Nelson in the uniform he wore at Trafalgar. He seems to have turned a natural talent for dressing up to good use in the boosting of his own and others’ morale. He was wearing a Vice Admiral’s coat when hit in the left shoulder by a musket ball during the Battle of Trafalgar (from which he died some hours later). On the left side, not visible in the plate, are embroidered replicas of his four orders of chivalry: The Bath, the Sicilian Order of St Ferdinand and of Merit, the Turkish Order of the Crescent, and the Equestrian Order of St Joachim of Leiningen. Round his neck he wears his gold medals for St Vincent and the Nile, and under his coat the ribbons of the orders listed above. He is shown with a sword in this plate, but his sword remained lying on his cabin table throughout the battle.

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