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This Corps was first formed in April 1798, under Robert Graham, Esq. (a King’s Counsel, and Attorney General to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales) for the protection of the Temple, &c. It consists of three Companies; it has a Committee of thirteen persons, chosen by ballot from their own Association. Their Colours were presented in the Temple- Gardens, June 20th, 1799, by Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales, the Right Hon. the Countess Dowager of Elgin being proxy for the Princess Charlotte. The Colours are impressed with the Red Cross, being the standard of the ancient Knights Templars, with the Motto, IN Hoc SIGNO VINCES; also, the Armorial Bearings of the two Temples.

THEIR PRINCIPAL OFFICERS ARE: Captain Commandant, Robert Graham. First Company, Capt. Graham; Lieut. John Ware; Ensign, -­ Second Company, Capt. Wm. Welch; Lieut. John Beckett; Ensign-­ Third Company, Capt. Torkington; Lieut. Milnes Lowndes; Ensign– Chaplain, the Rev. —— Rennell, D. D. Master of the Temple. Quarter-master, Myles Walker Hall.

DRESS: Helmets; on the right side, the Arms of the two Temples, under a Crown; the Helmet is encompassed with Leopard’s skin, and a small Gold Tassel drops behind. Breast-plate oval, with T. A. in cypher. Cartouch, a Star, with T. A. &c. Whole Gaiters, Black.

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