St. George’s Hanover Square Armed Association


Loyal Volunteers of London

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This Association was instituted in June 1798, when they resolved to serve without Pay, to assist the Civil Magistrates in suppressing any Riot, Tumults, or hostile Force, within the Parish of St. George’s, Hanover­ square; and to provide Clothes and Accoutrements at their own Expence.Their Quarterly Committee consists of the Officers, and six Non-commissioned Officers and Privates, appointed by the majority of the Corps. There is also a Body of Inhabitants belonging to this Association, who are not trained to the use of Arms, but ready to assist in such manner as may be judged most useful.

OFFICERS’ NAMES: Captain, – Boodle. Lieutenant, — Tombling; Ensign, — Storey.

DRESS: Helmet; Bear-skin, red Feather tipped white. Breast-plate, oval, with cypher S. G. H. in centre of Garter; above, the Crown, with the word ASSOCIATION under it. Cartouch Box; S. G. H. in cypher within a Garter, inscribed ASSOCIATION, and radiated with a Star; the Crown above. Buttons; cypher, S. G. H. A. under the Crown; the whole encircled with the Garter. Half Boots.

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