Rear-Admiral, Frock Uniform, 1787-1795


This plate is based upon Henry Singleton’s portrait of Earl Howe. Admiral of the Fleet Richard, 1st Earl Howe, KG (1726 – 1799) served throughout the War of the Austrian Succession and gained a reputation for his role in amphibious operations against the French coast as part of Britain’s policy of naval descents during the Seven Years’ War. He also took part, as a naval captain, in the decisive British naval victory at the Battle of Quiberon Bay in November 1759. This is the undress uniform for flag officers, commonly called the ‘frock’.

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Rear-Admiral, FROCK UNIFORM: drawn from two portraits of Earl Howe, the first by Henry Singleton, the second by Mather Brown of Howe on the deck of the Queen Charlotte at the “Glorious First of June“; also of Lemuel Abbot’s painting of Lord Hood.

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