Officer, Grenadier Company, Coldstream Guards, 1821


II Infantry Uniforms of the British Army 1790-1850

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Here is a grenadier officer of the Coldstream Guards wearing an undress coatee, with grey overalls. This, apart from the bearskin cap, which would be replaced by a shako, is the dress which he would have worn on active service. The lapels are hooked down the centre and buttoned back, showing the facing colour. They could be worn buttoned over to form a double-breasted coat, sometimes with the top pair of buttons undone and the lapel folded back to show a triangle of the facing colour. As a member of the grenadier company he wears a grenade on the strap attached to his wing, and a garter star on the wing, which is a regimental badge and not a badge of rank. He does not wear the gorget, although his sash indicates that he is on duty, the gorget by this time being worn in full dress only. Source: Contemporary water colour drawing by D. Dighton.

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